Rise and Shine! It’s breakfast time guys! So what do you normally make yourself for breakfast? I usually have a really quick breakfast because I have to get my little ones ready for school and the get the hubby his breakfast for work. So me having breakfast is always the fastest thing that I can reach for. Sometimes a bagel with cream cheese or maybe just a cup of coffee. Yup no joke seriously. Or sometimes I get so wrapped up with my work that I no longer have breakfast

Thank you to the makers of 5-hour™ TEA shots for sponsoring this post. You hear your alarm go off at 5 am and what do you do? You slowly turn around and turn off your alarm so you can get a snooze.  Right!? I know I do that daily no matter what day it is. But I just know that I will get at least a 5-minute snooze I mean every minute counts, right!?  I finally get up and get myself dressed for the day and start getting ready to make the

HOLLYWOOD CALIFORNIA WHAT TO DO Have you ever wondered what to do in Hollywood CA? So many visitors daily from all over the world just to visit Los Angeles and the cities that surround them like Hollywood. It can be overwhelming because you see so many things happening at once. But you can do so much and have a good time with the family. You can walk down the whole strip of Hollywood and read each star and take pictures of your favorite celebrities. Did you know that Disneyland has

What’s a day with a Mom Tribe that just get you?  We’ll let me tell you below and everything that happens when a group of women supports one another. I will also be explaining how you can find a group of ladies that just get you and want to help you out and want to see you succeed as much as they would like to.   Community over competition all day every day over here at LA Mommy Blogger Tribe.  1. What city are you located in or surrounding cities

Take Control Of Your Health for 2019 This post was sponsored by Proctor & Gamble as part of an Influencer Activation and all opinions expressed in my post are my own. www.WalmartHealthSupport.com With the New Year already here. What are some things that you and your family do in order to prevent from getting sick or what are we doing to have a healthy digestive system.  A lot of us tend to make goals on what we are going to work on for the New Year. Well, one of our

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