LEARNING ACTIVITIES FOR KIDS IMPROVES WITH MOTOR SKILLS  HELPS THEM IMPROVE THEIR CREATIVITY So lets introduce them with baking something we can do as a parent at our own home. Trust me they have a blast and they feel like they have achieved something. The joy of seeing them learn something new brightens their day. As a parent of two I want to teach my kids that anything is possible in life. Lets show them that, WE CAN! 

This Kitchen from KidKraft is a dream. My little one loves to use her imagination when it comes to playing in her kitchen.That might sound a little crazy but its true. She acts like she is really cooking up her eggs and one of her favorite things to make is cupcakes. She is seriously having the time of her life cooking up a storm. She even serves all her dolls and her furry friends. Sometimes Im allowed to eat her food. Those are special moments when she is serving me.

YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO   Growing up I feel like both my parents set a great example that anything is possible in life. With my dad running his own business and learning 2 foreign languages with no schooling. With my mom being a stay at home mom and always earning extra cash for our extra fun activities that we wanted to do as kids. They were both hard workers and always reminding me and my 3 other brothers  that anything is possible with a positive mind

Zucchini Muffins made by  two Siblings. What a great way to bond together by making some delicious desserts.  Ingredients Zucchini 4 grated Vegetable Oil 1 cup Vanilla Extract 1tbsp Baking Soda 2tsp Flour 3 cups Eggs 2 Cinnamon 3tsp Salt 1/2tsp Sugar 1 1/2 Cups Preheat Oven 350ºF cooking time 25-30mn makes 12 or more muffins James and Bella really enjoyed making these muffins for our friends. They helped each other and used the word team while working together. Learning how to work as a team is so important for

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