Why is Art important ?


        Lets start by handing your kids a paint brush and just let them explore with all the colors. You will see your kids eyes glisten with joy. I do this with my two kids. My 6 year old is always telling me how he is drawing his favorite character, a dinosaur. My 3 year old loves to mix colors together and in her mind she is drawing a car , cat , or sometimes even a person. Even though its not but her mind is telling her she is drawing those subjects. This is why Art is so important because they are using their mind. I always try to make Art fun and its something that my kids look forward to. So next time you are at any store, go to the art section and grab your little ones some paint and some paint brushes. If you already have some lets start having fun and hand your little ones that paint brush and just watch them start using their creativity. 

 3 Reasons why Art is important

1. Motor Skills - Many motions are involved in art such as holding a pencil, crayon and even a paintbrush.

2. Creativity - Art allows kids to express themselves. It also  allows them to think outside of the box. 

3. Decision Making -  Art allows your kids to problem solve without even realizing it. How do I express an expression through painting? How do I make my character act? Art is helping with decision making for the future when they are adults. 

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Ericka Castaños