Do Kids really Enjoy Cooking?

The Importance in Cooking With Kids 

   Well let me bring you into my home and tell you a little bit about what I do with my kids when it comes to teaching them how to cook. I introduced my son to the kitchen at the age of 3 by showing him the simplest things like mixing the ingredients together. He had a blast and I seen how much he was enjoying it. So I slowly brought him into the kitchen with me and now he is 7 and loves to cook with me. He makes his own pancakes for breakfast now and even his sisters. He is so proud to be able to accomplish cooking in the kitchen. It's something that he will be able to continue as he gets older and becomes a responsible adult. His sister is learning so much from him and of course with my help as well. But you know what they say the younger sibling will always copy the older one. Bella's ability to learn how to cook is something that she wants to do. She sees me in the kitchen and she wants  to wear her apron and start helping out. I do the same thing with her as I did with her bigger brother. You can see it in her eyes how she is so focused on learning. 

Accomplishment is Success


Let them crack the egg as they will feel like they are accomplishing and succeeding in their task. Their little faces of excitement are priceless. Teach them how but never do it for them as we all learn from our mistakes. Let them have mistakes because thats how they will become more confident in themselves.

"No one is born a great cook one learns by doing"Julia Child


As they get older they start learning about how helping others is very important. So yes by them learning to cook they are learning how important it is to help out the chef. Who would of known by teaching our kids how to cook they can learn how important is to help others. Teaching our kids to be kind and helpful and it all starts from home. 



Learning different things everyday for children is so important. Their little brains are little sponges and they are watching everything we do. So why not teach them something that they will be able to master as they get older. Cooking with kids is something that I recommend to all parents. 

Learn how to cook, try new recipes, learn from your mistakes BE FEARLESS and above all have FUN ----Julia Child

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