Summer Activities That Won't Hurt The Bank

Fun in the Summer 

  Having two little ones during the summer the house always get hectic.. Yes, mom has a lot on her plate. From getting them dressed early in the morning to making them food. Mom also has to come up with activities that won't hurt the bank for the kids to do during the summer. Yes, so I always make sure I make a list of things to do with them each week. Here are some ideas down below that you might like to do with your little ones.


1. Park

2. Local Library

3. Visiting Cousins

4. Beach fun

5. Crafting

6. Reading sessions

7. Hiking

8. Relay Races

9. cooking sessions

10. Collecting rocks

Those are all ideas and things I have done with my kids in the past. We recently visited the park but we didn't drive to the park we walked and the kids had a blast exploring their surroundings and learning new things along the way. They both survived and loved the experience of walking to the park. 


Seeing them enjoy being outside of the house always makes me happy plus we are having fun and not really hurting the bank account hahaha thats always a plus. We can always save that money for the bigger activities they wan to do. I love that Im able to experience these moments with my little ones. Because one day they will no longer wan to hang out with mom or dad. So Im enjoying as much time as I can right now :)  

During our outing to the park we had to stop at one of my littles favorite spot to eat. But of course I never leave the house without any coupons so that always helps to save that green. We feed our bellies and hang out in a cool place for a while. A big WIN for all of us :) 


Always remember to keep your little ones and pets hydrated as the heat can take us down. Have a fun time and enjoy your little ones during summer break :)