Breakfast Time With DAD!

Wake Up! Wake Up! It’s breakfast time at the Castaños Family. My kids love when daddy goes in the kitchen and makes food for them. I also love it because it gives me some time off from the kitchen at least for the cooking part. I help out with the dishes but I honestly don’t mind it, if my hubby has breakfast covered for the family. On this day my hubby decided to make his favorite scramble for the kids with a side of pancakes. Check out his recipe down below for the eggs. The best part is that it’s super easy to make and it will be ready in less then 20 minutes.

1. Eggs

2. Hotdogs cut up

3. Chopped Onion

4. Chopped Spinach

5. Chopped Cilantro

6. Chopped Tomatoes

What’s a breakfast without some pancakes? At least that’s what my kids have said to us.


Dad in action!


Cheers and ENJOY!