Healthy Habits Aren't Easy

Chomp that Salad Down 

Everything here is written by me and owned by me. Please always do your own research when it comes to your diet. Everyone is different so always do your research. 

   Guy's lets be real I have never been a salad kind of girl. Im 100% Mexican so you know what I ate growing up lots of tortillas , beans , rice and lots chilly hahaha and many other unhealthy foods. They are so good that you can't stop eating those delicious foods. Well now Im getting older and I can't continue eating that way anymore. I mean, I can continue but that just means Im going to end up with tons of diseases later on in life. So last year 2017 I decided to start changing the way I ate in general. Let me tell you it wasn't easy at all guys. I was super groggy and always hungry because I was used to the tortillas and heavier food. I told myself that I was going to do it for myself and I wanted to feel better. So I continued and started exercising 15minutes through out the day. I weighed 128 and I was very unhappy on the way I felt. I have never in a million years thought I was going to be weighing that and not be pregnant. So I continued with my journey of becoming healthier me. Guess what guys I did it! Let me share with you what I did down below. Im still working on getting my body toned so pictures of me coming soon. 

Morning - cup of  lukewarm water with  some lemon drops 

Breakfast - Egg Whites mixing some green spinach with a green juice 

Snack- Veggie or protein bar with a  green juice 

Lunch- Salad with greek yogurt for dressing 

Snack- Veggie or protein bar with green tea 

Dinner - Salmon or Chicken Breast with Green Juice 

I also added exercise only 15-30 minutes daily 

I did this and it helped me out so much. I would eat every 2 and half hours with doing that my metabolism started working so that means fat is burning.  I of course didn't have the same thing over and over I would switch it up. This wasn't easy at all guys but you can do it!