How Music Brought Two Blind Brothers Together

Succeeding In The Face Of Adversity

At a very young age two brothers were diagnosed with a eye disease that causes eye blindness over time.Just imagine being born with vision and all of sudden a disease hits you and it slowly starts decreasing in what you see. So many of us take the smallest things for granted. Sometimes we just don't know what life will throw at us. So how did they cope with this disease that they were diagnosed at a very young age? Let me explain to you down below.

  First I want to introduce to you Jose Garcia he is the oldest out of 3 other siblings. I will also be introducing you to Jimmy Garcia he is the youngest of 3 other siblings. So what age was Jose diagnosed with his eye disease ? Jose mentioned that he was 7 years old. He was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa and stargardt disease and his youngest brother Jimmy was diagnosed at much younger age which was at age 2. With the same kind of disease as his older brother. Doctors predicted that at age 18 they would be totally blind. But today they are partially sighted but eventually they will be blind. So whats next for them? Let me tell you what these two brothers have done for themselves and what joy they provide to others by joining together and not letting a disease WIN!


Music is so beautiful in so many ways. It brings people together all over the world no matter what language you speak. These two brothers that knew that one day they wouldn't be able to see the world decided to bring the love they have for music and make others dance and enjoy life as much as they can by providing the best Norteña Music in the Spanish industry. Yes they of course have the hardest times being able to prove themselves to everyone else that the band they are creating is a success but that doesn't stop them. Jose the oldest brother is the Drummer of the band and Jimmy the youngest brother is the Singer of the group. Their mission is to bring as much joy into everyones heart and soul. 

These two brothers have been writing ,producing and recording their own music since 2015. One of their dreams is to have their very own music on the radio one day. They are working hard for their dream to become a reality.  Down below I'll be sharing some of their work. Hope you enjoy!

They are both inspiring so many people with out even knowing or seeing. Music brings so many people together and it brought these two brothers even closer. 

Their goal is to one day be able to teach and provide music instruments to underprivileged kids. Because at one time in their own life they were those kids that weren't able to afford musical instruments. They want to inspire as many people as they can. 

Being Blind is not stopping them! 

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