Spring Cleaning With My bObsweep

This post is Sponsored by bObweep but the content and opinions are my own

Spring Cleaning is in full force on my side. I have been dusting, cleaning out refrigerators and well much, much more. The one thing I really don't have to worry about anymore is my floors as I now have my very own bObi Classic robotic vacuum cleaner and mop to help out with that. I love how I don't have to worry about all the dust anymore. I can either program bObsweep to start at a certain time of the day or I can manually turn it on. Another feature I love is how it comes with a remote control. I can be in control in where it cleans. 

What does bObi do

1. Collects all the dust ,hair and dirt

2. Inspects each spot more than once 

3.Sweeps ,Vacuums and use UV light to clean the floors.

4. Mops if you attach the the mini-mop 

I no longer worry about my floors being dirty thanks to bObi


I mean having hard wood floors creates a lot of surface dirt and dust. I turn on bObi almost every evening when the kids are fast asleep and just look at all the dust it collects. I seriously love our bObsweep. She became my best friend. I no longer have to worry about my floors anymore.   Thanks bObsweep !