DIY Teachers Gifts From The Dollar Tree

Super easy steps to make a vase pencil for your little ones Teacher. You can find all your supplies at the dollar tree.


1. Rubber Band

2. Vase

3. Silk Flowers

4. Yellow Pencils 

5. Ribbon of choice 


1. Add two rubber bands to your vase one in the bottom and the second one on the top. 

2. Start adding your pencils through the rubber bands. Do that all the way through till you have no more room for pencils.

3. Wrap your favorite ribbon of choice around the vase and make a bow.

4. Last step you add your favorite flowers. 

5. All done and ready to give to your little ones teacher. 

Super easy that you can have your little ones help you out with the project. 


Super Easy to make and you can have your little ones help you out as well. 

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