Help your kids learn Responsibility NOW!

Chores and Kids, what are the benefits?

Let me take you back to my childhood. As a child I remember my mom always telling me and my 3 other brothers to help out with the house chores. Everyone had a specific job to do according to our ages. Of course as kids we never enjoyed doing them but my mom was always  reminding us that we need to learn how to clean a house so when we get older we know how to do things and help out our significant other.  Which now that Im older and have kids of my own  I see what she was talking about. But of course back then I thought for sure she was crazy hahahaha. But let me bring you in to my house and the things that I do now with my two kids. 


I have two kids and both of them love to make a mess of course they are kids so, YES that will happen. The one thing that I always remind them is that mommy isn't their maid that mommy is MOM. So they need to help out with their toys and clean up. They both always understand and pick up. Sometimes they pout and say mommy I don't want to do it. Then I say well its ok you don't need to clean up but if you don't do it. Say GOODBYE to your toys that are in the floor. Mommy will know exactly what to do with them. You know how quick they get up and do it. YES speeding bullets. I sometimes hear my kids talking to each other and saying clean your toys because mommy isn't our maid. Hey its called being responsible for their own items. With the simplest things around the house like their own toys they are being, RESPONSIBLE. It all starts from home. 


So my eldest son started helping out with his own clothes. I feel like he should learn the procedure of how to wash clothes. Why? I want him to start learning that nothing comes easy in life. We all have to work hard for the things that we have. For example, he has his mom thats, ME, and I always make sure he has clean clothes for school week. But he doesn't know what I actually do. So, I decided to start teaching him. How to wash clothes! Is that a bad thing ? I don't think so because you start giving them responsibility and they start feeling like they are doing something amazing. He even told his baby sister that he knows how to wash his own clothes. He even feels like he is helping me out with the house. Number one reason for me to teach him is so he can be independent. 


Benefits from having your kids do chores 

1. They will become independent adults 

2. Responsibility is being taught 

3. Appreciation 

4. High self-esteem 




Our family is just trying to teach our kids that we need to work hard for the things that we want in life. So by giving them chores it's teaching them how to be responsible and it will help them out for when they get older. 

So cheers and thank you for reading! 

Castaños Family :)