Take Control Of Your Health for 2019

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With the New Year already here. What are some things that you and your family do in order to prevent from getting sick or what are we doing to have a healthy digestive system. A lot of us tend to make goals on what we are going to work on for the New Year. Well, one of our family goals was to be more aware of our health . So that means that as a family we are taking action by talking to our kids about the things that they can be doing in order to prevent on getting sick. Down below I will be talking about the things that me and my family have been using already to stay healthy for 2019.

Why should I wash my hands ?

My kids are sometimes in a big rush and tend to forget to wash those hands. Of course I’m always on the look out and tend to scream from the other side of the room, “Hey! Wash your hands little one”. Well, one day my little girl said to me,” but mom why should I wash my hands?” Of course I explained to her and my son at the same time. Germs are everywhere and if we put our little hands in our mouth and they are full of germs then that means we might get sick. Which we obviously don’t want. So I took that opportunity to have them wash their hands. In our household we use Dial Complete Antibacterial Foaming Hand Wash. Did you know that it kills 99% of germs, and of course it’s tough on the germs but gentle on the skin. So that’s a big HURRAY mom moment .


Getting that itchy feeling in your throat?

So as many of you know that my husband works with lot’s of different people on the daily basis and he wakes up at the crack of dawn. So of course he gets hit with the cold temperatures. So it’s nice to know that when he starts getting a itchy throat he has his Vicks VapoCool Drops . My husband has always been a big believer of being extra prepared when it comes to his health and things to prevent him from getting sick. One thing he loves about the Vicks VapoCool Drops is the sensation he gets when he takes them. It’s a cooling relief and it gives him a rush of Vicks Vapors. So of course it’s a big relief for myself to know that he is taken care of.

Gut Health! Does That Ring A Bell?

Yes, this definitely rings a bell at least to me. Last year I heard about it a lot and this year I’m making it a point to take care of my gut health. To have a healthy body we can’t forget about our gut. Here is what I recently started to take to control my gut health. Let me tell you it’s the best feeling to know that I’m taking charge and making my body feel better in many ways.

Metamucil is my go to when I take control of my health. Did you know that ,Metamucil traps and removes the waste that weighs you down so you feel lighter and less sluggish. Love that Metamucil helps our bodies by doing just that. Metamucil has no artificial sweeteners or colors, to me that is a huge plus. It’s sweetened with plant-based Stevia and contains natural flavors and colors.

On top of that I have also been taking Align Dualbiotic Gummy it has also been helping me out with keeping me on track with taking control of my health. It does contain a prebiotic fiber, inulin, to help nourish good bacteria in your digestive system. It’s naturally flavored and it contains less than 1g of sugar per gummy. Can I get a hooray! TRUST YOUR GUT THIS YEAR and take control of your Health and cheers to being healthy!


Metamucil and Align

Head on over to Walmart and get your very own or ——— www.WalmartHealthSupport.com and let’s take charge of our Health .