Get Ready To Take Off With Lori Luxury Jet

I have partnered up with Lori Dolls to give my honest review about their product. Everything written here is written by me.

     Leaving behind the number 3 and getting on the Jet for the number 4 journey. While 3 was full of memorable moments and lot's of laughter. I'm looking forward to see what number 4 will bring. Many say that 4s are challenging. But let me tell you nothing is challenging as long as you know how to take control of the situation correctly. But they also said that 3s were the worst hahaha but I honestly didn't see that. Cheers because number 4 is almost here. 

    My baby that doesn't like nothing to do with the word baby anymore :( is turning 4 already. I mean, didn't I just have her!? Really time isn't our best friend at all. The day that I had her I knew that I was no longer going to have any more kids. Me and my husband decided to focus on our 2 children and make sure they are secure and ready for their future. Seeing her progress and as she is learning new things daily makes my heart sing. I'm so glad that I'm here to experience every step and every new challenge she takes on. 

  Partnering up with Lori Dolls and being able to bring to life their amazing Lori Luxury Jet by making a video was seriously a dream. Everything about this Jet makes me want to actually own one myself. But for now Bella will be able to experience her jet by using her imagination. It even has the actual sound for take off.  It would make the best present for any little girl. They can take off anywhere around the world. 

When we finally revealed to Bella what we had for her. She freaked and right away turned to us and gave us big O hugs and said thank you so much for my dollies. Her expression and joy when she seen it was priceless. 


The excitement that she gets when she sees her dollies ready for take off is priceless. I love how she is able to use her imagination and be able to tour the world right from her own home. Her favorite place right  now is Africa because she says they get to see the lions. Her favorite animal so far! As parents we love when our kids are able to use their imagination and learn new things daily when playing. We all know that  play= learning.


Hop on and let's start our journey of being 4. So many memorable memories are awaiting us. So pack up all your goodies and lets start the Journey and we shall return when Im 5. Then we will be able to share all the priceless moments we had together.  Cheers!