Dinosaurs for Christmas

This post was sponsored by Best Choice Products  but everything written is my honest opinion. Please keep in mind that I only work with companies that offer great customer service and products.  

Who is still Christmas shopping ? Ok guys this Dinosaurs has become a big hit at my home. My two little ones have a big collection of Dinosaurs and Im not kidding. But none of them move or are animated in any way. They are just your basic toy that does nothing. But this Dinosaur moves roars and moves its tail. My kids thought it was hilarious that he was able to move his tail. If you your little one is a fan of anything Dinosaurs I highly recommend this Dinosaur. 

Say WHAT it moves!!


It lights UP! 

Great detail

So if your little ones loves Dinosaurs like mine do. They will love this Best Choice Product Dinosaur

Toy Reviewer says this is a must have for Christmas!