Why I started to take pictures

Hi everyone let me start by telling you a little bit of why I started to take pictures. Well, it all started in 2010 when my first baby was born.  Me and my husband wanted to capture every moment on camera of course just like any new parent wants to. My husband was the one that started taking pictures and he instantly started to learn more and more about different techniques in photography.  Fast forward 1 year later 2011 he was already booking sessions with families. Everyone loved how he took pictures. Of course I was always his biggest cheerleader. I was always just watching on the side while he worked and edited his pictures.  

So lets talk about 2014 I had my daughter and she was my inspiration to want to grab a camera and actually mess with the settings and take a picture. Let me tell you it wasn't a easy task for me. I thought it was going to be ver easy peasy. I was so wrong!  It took me a while to actually fall in love with  photography. Photography is not about just  clicking and taking pictures. Its Art and I love how Im always learning something new. I love how its a passion that I have.  My reason for wanting to grab a camera and capture that special moment is to see the kids smiles and the joy they have for life.  A family is very important and why not capture the beautiful feeling through a lens and treasuring for life.

Thank you to anyone that took the time to read about, my WHY? I hope I get to inspire someone else just like me.